Group Photo after the session

WikiClassroom developed by African & Proud (AP) aims at promoting Wikipedia and her sister projects as a reliable source of information for academic research in African High school institutions.

Some students have been told not to use Wikipedia for research because anyone can edit it, however, this is not so, as Wikipedia’s online community of volunteers, administrators and bots ensure edits are based on reliable citations.

Sanitizing students during WikiClassroom

African & Proud visited some schools in Nigeria (as a pilot project) to promote to the students the usage of Wikipedia as a learning tool for various research in school.

The enthusiastic students were so happy and eager to learn how powerful Wikipedia is and how they can even contribute to making it a more reliable project.

The students got more enthusiastic at the fact that they could contribute to Wikipedia some of them claim to have thought the articles have been written by some robots of some kind and were very curious about making research about some topics being taught in school and they confirmed that they got more clarity on topics taught in school by reading more on Wikipedia.

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